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Hanson Lake - Zinc

Photo of former Hanson Lake Mine

The Hanson Lake property consists of 1 claim comprising 451 ha. The S-106615 claim block contains a small, past-producing zinc-lead-copper mine that was operated by Western Nuclear Mines until the closure of the mine in 1969 after producing 147,000 tons of 10% Zn, 5.8% Pb, 0.5% Cu and 137.0 g/t Ag. Hanson Lake Property located in east-central Saskatchewan (NTS 63L-10, south-east corner coordinates, Latitude 54 39' 49" Longitude 102 50' 32"). The property lies surrounded by ground held by Foran Mining Corporation and is on strike to the north with the large VMS deposit (McIlvenna Bay) held by Foran Mining. The most recent estimate of resources of the McIlvenna is roughly 29 million tonnes, using a $45 (US)/t NSR cut off, (see Foran Mining Corporation news release March 27, 2013).

Location and Access

The Hanson Lake Properties lie slightly south west of Creighton, Saskatchewan and Flin Flon, Manitoba. The driving distance is about 95 km via the Inter Province highway 106 and a well maintained Hanson Lake Mine gravel road. The travel distance on the mine road is approximately 11 km. The Hanson Lake Property is accessible year round.

Figure 6: Regional Geology Flin Flon - Snow Lake Greenstone Belt

Location Map

New Targets

South Bay Zone(drill ready-year round access)

"From the Borehole Electromagnetic (BHEM) surveys of recent drilling at the Hanson Lake Property, three distinct anomalous responses have been highlighted for future exploration efforts. Target 3 would rank as the highest priority target as it exhibits the highest time constant and has the potential to be due to a large source. Targets 1 and 2 are due to smaller and less conductive sources, but represent discrete targets which do not appear to have been tested, and as such appears as priority targets within this geological environment." (Ralph, K., Koop, D. 2011)

Three high priority targets within the South Bay Zone were obtained from the BHEM surveys of recent drilling. Target three would rank as the highest priority target.

Grid Coordinates
Easting   Northing
Location Description
Target 3-70554.56377256061450  South Bay
Target 1-55247.26377506061200  South Bay
Target 2-55226.16377256061100  South Bay
  • To date 19 drill holes were drilled by Copper Reef Mining Corporation in the South Bay Zone totaling 7,725.8m (best intercept 2.01% Copper, 19.2 g/t Silver over 3.36m.
  • A few drill holes to the northeast of HCR-10-12 are recommended, testing the VTEM airborne anomaly to the north and a drill hole behind HCR-11-20 testing this area at depth (250m vertical)

Hanson Lake Drilling Program 2010/2011

VTEM-B Field Profiles
Hanson Lake Drilling 2010/2011

Main Mine Horizon (former Hanson Lake Mine - winter drilling)
  • Undisclosed tonnage of unmined resource exist below mine workings.
  • One deeper hole right beneath the old Hanson Lake mine workings to determine if significant alteration and mineralization occurs at depth is recommended. In the Flin Flon Belt multiple stacked lens is the norm and this has not been tested below this high grade deposit.
  • In addition 2 km of the main mine horizon remains untested to poorly tested.
  • A deep pulse electromagnetic survey similar to that used by Foran to outline their A and B targets presently being drilled is recommended to look for deep targets beneath the former mine.

Composite South Bay Zone Down Hole (BHEM) Geophysical targets

New Targets outlined by Foran Mining in their Press release of October 31, 2013

Figure 1: Deep EM Survey Location Map


Copper Reef Mining Corporation spent a total of $1,456,319.77 from 2010-2011 on Hanson Lake. The property has sufficient credits to be in good standing for at least 15 years.


Approximately $700,000.00 is needed to test the three high priority targets; which include on the South Bay horizon; the VTEM anomaly to the north; and behind drill hole HCR-11-20 at depth; as well as on the main mine Horizon, a deeper drill hole beneath the old Hanson Lake mine. Bore Hole Electromagnetic surveys (BHEM) surveys for each of these drill holes is included in this cost. A deep penetrating survey similar to Foran's work on outlining Target A and B on the Foran's ground to look below the old mine would be an additional $125,000.

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