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Mink Narrows (Copper Reef Deposit)

The Mink Narrows Property consists of 36 claims comprising 3885 ha. The contiguous claims are owned 100% by Copper Reef Mining Corporation and are not subject to any royalties. The Mink Narrows property is located approximately 35 km southeast of Flin Flon, Manitoba in the Payuk, Lynx, and Athapapuskow Lakes area (NTS 63K/12; approximate centre 5537'N; 10135'W). This property which was originally a subsidiary of Falconbridge Copper and formed in 1973 became Copper Reef Mining Corporation Listing Property on the CSE.

Mink Narrows Property Location Map

Mink Narrows Property Claim Map

Copper Reef Deposit: Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. calculated an inferred resource of 503 434 tons at 1.5% Cu and 0.5% Zinc on the Copper Reef Deposit in November of 1969 (Karup-Moller, 1969). It is not a NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate and should be considered historical and dated as further drilling was completed afterwards by Copper Reef which would have expanded this resource.

Recent work has seen the completion of geological mapping, prospecting, lithogeochem sampling, over most of the Copper Reef deposit stratigraphy. The geological surveys were accompanied by magnetic, VLF and Horizontal Loop geophysical surveys on the same grids. An Spectrem electromagnetic airborne survey was frown over the property by Hudbay in the late 90's outlining or confirming a number of undrilled target anomalies.

In 2007-2008 27 holes were drilled on the property for a total of 5,124 m. 22 of the drill holes were drilled into the deposit and 5 were drill on targets outside the deposit. In 2008-2009 the stratigraphic and geological setting was worked out for the deposit and a geological model was worked out for the deposit.. This involved structural and alteration data obtained from the drilling as well as surface mapping.

Recommendation: Upgrade the historical inferred resource to a NI 43-101 resource by twinning 10% of the old Falconbridge and Hudson Bay drill holes. The holes chosen are outlined below.

Copper Reef Deposit Twin Holes Main Zone
Grid Collar
Coordinates NW


17 2+30N 39+00W 858 22 BQ 5.3 ft - 1.78% Cu
EL 650
19 1+80N 32+50W 936 20 BQ 41.5 ft - 1.25% Cu
El 575
24 2+35N 36+00W 737 6 BQ 7.5 ft - 1.81% Cu
El 271
25 1+3.75N 38+00W 910 2 BQ 7.3 ft - 1.3% Cu
EL 660
26 1+15N 37+00W 744 4 BQ 12.7 ft - 1.07% Cu
El 201
MN-8 7+40S 36+00W 1249 8 BQ 60 ft - 1.45% Cu
El 1002
MN-10 7+40S 36+00W 1091BQ 17 ft - 1.48%Cu
El 815
MN-12 7+40S 36+00W 1125BQ 8 ft - 1.16% Cu
EL 918

Vertical Longitudinal Section of the Copper Reef Deposit with location of Proposed Twin Drill holes

Drill Hole Location Map with Proposed Twin Holes

Copper Reef Deposit Model: Vertical Longitudinal Projection Looking Northwest with Proposed Twin Drill Holes

New Targets

Drill 2 Untested spectrum flight EM Anomalies near Billy Boy claim. (Drill ready for winter)

Drill Untested Steam Boat Channel coincident Magnetic and Airborne anomaly from grid location 39W, 11N to the SE at -45 degrees. (Drill ready for winter)

2 drill holes are recommended at the western edge of the Mistic Grid near Alteration Bay testing a magnetic anomaly near Alteration Bay as well as the S-Fold conductor in same grid area between lines 10E and 19+25E. (Drill ready any time of year)


A total Budget of $850,000.00

Approximately $500,00.00 is needed for 8 twin drill holes in the Copper Reef Deposit and $50,000.00 for a new NI 43-101 independent report. Another $150,000.00 is needed to drill all three untested spectrum flight EM Anomalies and finally another $150,000.00 is needed to drill test a magnetic anomaly near Alteration Bay as well as the S-Fold conductor.  
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